Paulo Coelho The Alchemist

Friday, 31 July 2015

Dear all,
After a very long hiatus, I come back to this blog that I missed incredibly.
I never intended to leave it like this, but life sometimes faces you with challenges that inquire you to focus 100% on it.
The main reason for my absence was actually my health, and I'm glad I gained it back.

Today's review is about Paulo Coelho's story : The Alchimist.

I believe a lot of people have red this story and now I understand why.
Aside from being a nice story, it has a psychological side that makes you review your vision of life.
Needless to say that this book has helped me during my absence.

For those who have not yet read, and especially those who feel the need to have a positive message to stand up again, this is a 100% recommendation.

This is the tale of an andalusian shepperd Santiago, who after a dream, decides to begin his journey into making it true. His first adventure will start in Tangier, Morocco to arrive in Egypt.

As many of us dreamers, he will be faced with challenges and opportunities, and based on his decision, Santiago will see if he will or not achieve his dream.

What I loved about this story is how sometimes the smallest little actions can lead to huge steps, that every positive vibe has to be acknowledged in order to keep going on.
I recognized myself in every phase Santiago had to go through: the joy, the fear, the motivation, the hesitation, the adrenaline, the fall.. At some point, I even got a bit teary. It felt as if the author had spoken directly at me and was facing me with of my own challenges.
You easily get attached to the character when you have a similar vision.
It amazed me how sometimes there were sentences that were exactly the same as the one I repeated in
my mind.
This book has definitely brought some change in my life, or rather it has released something that I was trying to break free.
You even learn that your inner energy is the light that will guide you to your desires.

The way you choose to look is the way the world and its energy will respond.

So in the end, when Santiago made his discovery, I closed the book with fresh clean eyes.
I felt relieved, emotional and it seemed that for the first time in a while I was standing with the road to
my journey if front of me again.

I will do my best to provide the same positive energy in my stories and I am very grateful for this book that will always keep a special place in my bookcase, especially in times where I require some positive thoughts.

If you have red this book, I would be delighted to hear your opinion about it? What has it brought to you?

See you soon!

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