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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

It was powerful and fun! It was an explosion of energy and adrenaline!
I had sore muscles after the concert but every fiber of my being had felt this sting of happiness.
It was a last minute decision with a friend, so we went to the concert hall called B-Rock. We kept waiting with the fans and kept chatting with some that even came from Europe to see them.
The band was curious to meet us, so sometimes they would peek at us from a corner and be all excited. It made me smile. Their energy made me understand that I wasn't going to regret this evening.

hell yeah!
When we got inside the hall, I managed to get very close to the stage. A few minutes later, the band entered and then there was the explosion of energy.
With the singer's rough voice, the bassist and guitarist duo head banging and the wildness of the drummer on his drumset, I could see the glow in their eyes as they were living their dream. This concert was actually their first opening concert for their european tour.

Regarding the songs, it was loud but nonetheless poetic.
Sometimes we would dance, head-bang, sometimes we remained still or lifted our arms all together following a ballad's tune. However, the band's style is essentially rock with a touch of visual kei (japanese music style).

What was cute to know was that Mikaru ( the singer ) was trying his best to communicate in english, despite lacking some vocabulary, he kept trying to make himself clear in his speech. Thankfully, he was more than clear with his words and declared he was very glad to be here for this first european ( and so were we ).
We sang him Happy Birthday at some time during the concert, which took him by surprise and he lost track of his words at some point, which made us all laugh.

happiness ♥
There were laughs, smiles, looks, crowd-surfing ( I think they enjoy that) and sweet thoughts that I was still in a dreamy state when I got outside, like "wow that awesome!" 
That week of hard working finally got lost in my mind and gave place to that great concert sensation.
At the signing-session, I was overjoyed to have some time to talk with Mikaru, we had a little chat about their gig, the city, the evening.. 
I also had some time with Yudai, Jun and Syu, we decided to keep in touch and hoped to meet again in the future.

Mikaru is quite a charmer and I must say it did give me butterflies in my stomach. I wish I could have had more time with him to discuss about our respective dreams as he seemed to be very motivated and determined to achieve his dreams in any possible way.
This type of aura is inspiring and I hope to meet more people like him.

Syumurai ♥

Syu, also called Syumurai is the drummer and entertained us greatly. During his solo act, I was able to capture this picture of him doing an X sign, which reminded me of XJapan.
After some time, I discovered that he is also an XJapan fan. This made me appreciate him even more. He was very gentle during the meeting. Sadly enough, due to lack of time, we couldn't take a picture together. Who knows, maybe next time..

Actually, if it were possible I would want to meet them right here and right now, I would be waiting at the hall, eargerly seeking for them to show up, even if I would break my voice in the end.
Concerts, especially rock for me, are such breathtaking events. Each time, it's an adventure, a new chapter of my journey.

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  1. you look beautiful ! great to know you met them! tell me about it later OK? i'll be on during weekend

  2. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck you're so lucky when mikaru asked you to come


  4. salut nadia! j'adore ton article! veinarde! j'aurai aimé y aller j'étais pas sur casa snig*f snif on y va ensemble la prochaine fois?

  5. black liiiiiiiiiine! t'es trop chanceuse! tu leur as dit quoi? la chance tu sais parler japonais, moi j'arrive difficilement c'est trop dur!!

  6. i'm going to see them in utrecht! can you make it ? can't wait! you look beautiful on that picture hun' :D

  7. DAFUQ? :d ils ressemblent à des femmes haha!

  8. FUCK YOU! tu critiques mais t'as po de couilles pour montré qui t'es vriament derrière ton pc juste des points, t'es rien!
    angel, j'adore ta review, tu vis ta vie et j'epsère qu'on se verra à un concert 1 2 ces 4 ;)

  9. cute nurses :DDDD

  10. j'adore les photos ils sont vraiment classes! j'étais à leur concert à nancy mais je n'ai pas pu leur parler =(

  11. et pour le mongole avec ses points là, t'as rien à dire :) si t'es pas cap de t'montrer alors vaut mieux te taire! ces gars là sur scène je peux te dire que c'est des rockeurss pas comme toi! à bon entendeur!

  12. omg yudai's smile it's adorable how he smiles like that! you're lucky i was a bit behind and even if they signed us some stuff i couldn't talk to them because there were other fans behind me and i had to leave. is mikaru smiling at you? you're one hell of a lucky lady! and syu omg doing the X are you X-japan fan? i hope the album will be released and that there will be a world tour. nice blog by the way :)

  13. hamma! die haben auch in deutschland gespielt! aber so nahe war ich leider nicht!

  14. i didn't see them :'(


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