"I screwed up my life"

Friday, 4 March 2016

You probably thought that once in your life? Or maybe you're thinking about it right now?

You should know, it's nothing to be ashamed of, because almost everyone thinks it at least once in their life.

I was one of those persons, and maybe in the future I might think it again, but this time I will know how to deal with the thought of "failure".

Failure is a feeling that sits on our chest and starts weighting on our mind.

 We have all tried something to achieve and failed. We have all lost something ( a person, a project, a dream, a job...) and once it slips from our hands and we can't get it back, we sometimes have this instinctive reaction to blame ourselves and to feel that we lost years of our lives, that's it's too late to achieve a dream.

This feeling is on occasions nurtured by remarks from others such as: "stop dreaming; get a "real" job"; it's out of your league; it's too late; you're at this stage or your life and you haven't done this?..."

The comments are numerous but I guess you understand what I mean.
At some point in my life, I blamed myself for every single thing I had not achieved, even though it was due to events that I could not control, I still thought it was my own fault for not doing enough.

The truth is..it's never too late to follow a passion or a dream.

This is my experience and how I handle it:

 I am passionate about writing, and I do want to become a published writer but since I can't make a living out of it for now, I have another job to help me for my daily needs and projects.
I'd love to get involved in filming, and had studied film production for four years. Due to unforeseen events, I could not pursue it further. Even though it's still on my list, I try to learn as much as I can and shift it to vidding to stay active, and I find great pleasure in doing so.
Today, I know it's never too late to achieve a dream. I've experienced this quite a few times now, even though I used to hear otherwise from people. I may not have reached some things according to the "norms", but I couldn't care less. What I have right now is okay, and knowing it's never too late feels like a weight falling off my shoulders, mainly the blame.

Failure is a feeling, you may acknowledge it, but don't feed it. It's a short stop, and you can always get up and try again ( for example my rejection post regarding publishing ).

You can balance between the two if you know how to use each opportunity to your favour.
We have to start somewhere, and by building up a strategy, we can move on the road of challenges to reach the final point which is our goal/dream, no matter when we choose to do so.
Expecting that there is only one line to follow to reach your dream is a common mistake, so don't feel sorry for taking a detour, you never know how useful it can turn out to be.

So relax your shoulders, it's not too late, you can always get back to what you want to be. Keep the main idea that it is your vision of life and that you can decide whenever you want

I hope this brought some light to your mood and that it will motivate you to not let go of your passion.

Take care and see you soon!

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  1. Sarah tomanoid24 July 2012 at 14:11

    très belles photos Angel, j'adore ton style. tu vas mettre des dessins bientôt?

  2. cute i just saw your blog. glad to see you had fun. i love final fantasy, do you play other video games?

  3. trop joli ta déco *.* moi j'achète bientôt la PS3

  4. nice :) i like final fantasy too

  5. tu m'as manquéééé

  6. j'aime beaucoup la photo du verre :)

  7. j'aime beaucoup la photo du verre :)

  8. je posterai bientôt de nouveaux dessins et oui je joue à d'autres consoles, j'aime beaucoup les jeux vidéos

  9. moi chui allée à Essaouira :)tu vas aller en Allemagne ? ou tu es déjà partie

  10. its never too late to do what you love. Sometimes life doesn't cooperate but it you are patient the right time will present itself.
    xoxo Mickey visiting from http://www.mybashfullife.com/

  11. No matter what we should keep going for our dreams. Perhaps it's not failure, just a nudge to look and walk in another direction.


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