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Friday, 19 February 2016

Hey everyone,

I hope you're doing well.

Today I'm sharing with you my writing routine concerning my novel.
Usually I have a set of drafts written on notes that I put near me,  a cup of tea, biscuits (or even my meal when I'm alone),  my computer, music on and I'm sitting in a yoga position on a sofa in the living on my bedroom.

Noise doesn't really bother me so much, it depends on my mood.

Let's get into details of the writing time!

I don't know how other writers feel, but for me, I feel like I sink inside the story, especially when my playlist starts singing in my ears. I'm often staring at my writing for a few second because I visualize the scene in my head as a movie and then there is this adrenaline rush that starts tingling my skin and I start writing all of the details on my laptop.
Sometimes I keep writing from a paragraph to 10 pages until I pause to read again, just to see if I haven't missed anything. Yet, this part is always the draft part for me. The important is to get the idea written down.
On other occasions, I just listen to the full song, once in a while moving my fingers a bit as if I'm trying to match the sequences with the song.
I like to imagine myself as a spectator of the story and yet linked to each character, I decipher the feelings of each person and work on how each of them expresses it based on their personalities.

By the time I've written this much, I have already established the various sequences of the story starting from the beginning until its ending, the characters and the reason for their presence in the story.
It is possible that I change the beginning and/or the ending depending if I feel that shifting the scenario might give a better result ( most of the time I do this during the editing process ).

I can also write without music, but the main situation is that I'm completely focused on writing, so If I'm pulled out of it because someone was talking to me, I'm usually unaware of what was said ( same goes for reading come to think of it ).

If there is something I learned recently is that at some point, my mind requires rest, if the adrenaline is still there, the body and mind comes in first place. If I neglect it, my writing will be affected.
So if there are some tiny important details hanging somewhere in my mind, I write them down in a series of words that will help me memorize the concept and then I rest.

I'm not gonna lie in saying I never crossed that limit, but let's say I avoid making it a habit as I'm aware of the consequences. My eyes, mind, and fingers require rest and if something pops out during my time-out, I take another note, write it down, save it somewhere, and the process starts again.

So this is my routine, I'd love to hear about yours, whether about blogging, writing a novel, a short story or even a fan fiction, after all the process is the same, it's about putting to words a story born from your creative mind.

Have a lovely weekend and keep writing with a smile!

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  1. Oooh la photo est trop belle **

    Attention au coup de soleil! ><
    C'est un miracle, je n'en ai pas encore attrapé, et pourtant, je marque vite xD Et je suis blanche aussi >_> Je ne bronze pas rapidement... La tristesse d'être anglaise et chinoise.

  2. trop beau ton dessin *.* j'ai bien envie de lire ta fiction ^^

    jolie la photo :)

  3. j'attends les résultats de mon bac, si je l'ai, j'irai voyager avec mes parents, mais je stresse, je pense que j'aurai la deuxième session... :/

  4. tu as du talent ;) bonne continuation

  5. c'est très beau tout ça. tu as fini le portrait?

    t'as de la chance miyav t'as répondu...

  6. I think when you become a spectator of the story you are writing, you are giving it the opportunity to flourish into something magnificent. I can absolutely relate to getting lost in the process of writing, it is so easy do. Have a wonderful day!


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