Humanoid in Rotterdam

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Waiting in the cold winter breeze

It begins!

It's been two years since now but the memories are still fresh in my mind. I had bought the concert ticket 3 days before the gig.
I waited for hours in the cold in front of the concert hall with the fans, but since we were numerous, the cold hadn't disturbed us that much. When they opened the doors, I ran with my cousin to be as close as possible to the first row. I ended not far away from it, so it was enough. 
While we waited for the band to show up, the staff had put some music on for us. The hall had become like a pub with all the dancing, chatting and laughing with the fans.

Pain of love, Tom & Georg's live duo

The dutch rock band "only seven left" opened the show as a supporting act, the music reminded me of simple plan. They seemed a bit nervous at the beginning but they managed to entertain the public and gain the attention of probably future fans.One of the songs I remembered was : "forever is a lie".
Afterwards, Tokio hotel made its entrance. I had goosebumps while the hall was getting dark and heartbeats began to reverberate around us. The heartbeats become louder and quicker until a dark robotic voice murmured: Welcome to the Humanoid City, sending the fans in hysterics and with that, one by one, the band entered the stage and set off with the song: Make some noise.  The set-list was perfect, I hadn't danced that much for some time. It felt good to forget the studies and let yourself go in a fun atmosphere. The boys were a delight to be with, very friendly and close to the fans. I enjoyed every interaction, whether it was a smile from Bill, Tom's dancing, Georg's headbanging or Gustav's "Olee!" game at the end.

 They know how to entertain during a concert. We jumped, sang, danced, screamed and laughed. I felt like I was in another world. When we got outside, the adrenaline and the warmth of the gig made me unaware of the cold wind. I was overly excited. I left my cousin at the goodies store and rushed outside towards the parking  with the fans to see the boys coming out...The rest is history ;)

In the car,  tears of happiness were running down my cheeks from that overwhelming feeling I had experienced. I felt so happy and everything that used to bothered me seemed useless. What I had was enough and I would cherish every single moment for the rest of my life.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you for this evening, thank you Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg and see you soon! is bald jungs!


To finish off this trip, I had diner with my cousin and her friends at moroccan restaurant. We had a great time and laughs. I can't wait to relive this experience in the near future. Moroccan dishes are somewhat different in foreign restaurants than in the local country, especially homemade meals, but nevertheless delicious.

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  1. WOW ATTENDS LA, c'est tom kaulitz qui te tient là? :OOO pff, je ferai n'importe quoi pour avoir une photo avec lui. ils me manquent trop. vivement 2013 t'y seras?

  2. j'aimais bien avant. la chance, une photo avec tom :')

  3. trop belle, ta photo avec tom :)

  4. Oui, j'essaierai de les voir en fonction de mes disponibilités =)

  5. TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM *o* bordel mais comment tu fais? avec humanoid ils ont pas trop pris de photos aavec les fans. il t'a reconnu?
    franchement, j'aimerai être à ta place!!! :p

  6. ça me manque les concerts de tokio hotel, t'as une idée sur le prochain album? il parait que ça sera un peu comme humanoid..


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