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Monday, 2 July 2012


I just came back from a wicked concert. I've never jumped that much during a gig. And even though my lungs were running out of air, I jumped, screamed, sang with all my energy. I might be exaggerating, but it took me some time to realize that I wasn't dreaming.

Miyavi's concert started a bit late, which wasn't unnatural, since most gigs start a bit late. I waited 7years, I could wait an extra hour. Once the door opened, I rushed inside with my friend and we managed to get to the front row. 

When he made his entrance on stage, I still couldn't grasp that he was there.
When he started playing the guitar, hysteria engulfed us. We jumped, sang, screamed, cried and I was holding my present in my hands, hoping he would notice it.
I tell you this, this man is like connected to his guitar. It's very impressive.
I liked that he spoke about the situation in Japan and we showed him that we agreed that we are against the installation of a nuclear central. There has been enough damage already " say NO NO NO!".

Just wow ♥
Even when I had no strenght left and that my voice was breaking, a simple glimpse from him was enough to give me energy. That's what I call a concert. It's like letting go of all the struggles and breathing in fresh energy.
Miyavi has a huge presence on stage. He's moving everywhere, interacting, playing, enjoying himself and living the dream. The sound is even better on live, whether the guitar or the singing. When he took off his shirt, I was flabbergasted by his new tattoo on the back.
At the end, when I expected it the least, he came to my direction and took my drawing with a smile before shaking my hand. It was very short since the fans came rushing to him to hold his hand.

Thank you miyavi
It took me a moment to realise what I had lived, and I have to admit I was quite emotional about it. After a stressful period in my life, this concert helped me to get up again though his smile, his presence, his being, his talent...He was just amazing!

Thanks to  monogatari for the pictures, Miyavi for the concert and the staff for making this possible.
This dream came true after 7years, and I'm definitely intending to live it again.
Mata ne miyavi ♥.

Aside from Miyavi, this gig wouldn't have been a blast without the help of the amazing drummer, who happens to be a lady: her twitter .
Normally the drummer is Miyavi's friend bobo, but Yoko showed us that drums can also be mastered by a woman and she blew us away with her solo acts. I hope to get to see her in other gigs too.

Yoko Fukuda (^_^)
If you're unfamiliar with Miyavi, I strongly invite you to discover his music. You can already start by listening to his single "DAY 1" here below.

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  1. IL A PRIS TON DESSIIIIIN?????? :O vraiment t'as trop de chance et il t'as pris la maaaaaaaaaaaaaain, moi j'étais loin derrière, il faisait trop chaud, mais c'était trop bien. Contente pour toi :D dommage j'ai pas pu te voir :(

  2. chanceuuse va. j'ai lu sur twitter qu'il a adoré le concert :D tu penses qu'il reviendra?

  3. putain je l'ai vu quand il t'a regardé, j'étais pas loin de toi, t'as sursauté :D tu portais un t-shirt noir hein?

  4. are you ready to rooooock? :D je sens plus mes jambes. j'étais sur les bancs, à un moment donné j'ai vu ton portrait , il est trop beau, je suis sûr que miyavi va aimer :)

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  6. you are sooo lucky, i want to meet him so bad TT_TT

  7. très contente pour toi =) depuis le temps, en plus au premier rang. J'imagine la sensation ^^ la prochaine fois on se fait un concert TH? =)
    bisou bisou.

  8. aah j'ai jamais vu ce nouveau tatouage sur son dos . trop cool t'étais devant. J'ai pas pu assisté =( pfff trop deg, personne pour m'accompagner. j'espère qu'il reviendra.

  9. pour répondre à anonyme, je ne sais pas 'il reviendra, mais il a considéré notre concert comme étant le meilleur.
    Maria, oui j'irai le voir si ça tombe au bon moment

  10. putain trop de chance,et encore au premier rang :OOO on se fait le prochain concert de TH? je parlerai à mes parents pour l'europe si tu veux bien :)


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