The Perfume

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

This is a movie that I highly appreciated for its originality. It based on the novel " the perfume" by Patrick Süskind.
The story of Jean Baptiste Grenouille ( Ben Whishaw ) who switched his gift and passion for scent into an obsession that drove him to crime. Born on the streets of Paris and abandoned by his mother at birth, he grew up in an orphanage and rapidly understood that he was gifted and that it is his only satisfaction. One day, as he was strolling in the streets, he smelled a peculiar scent, that excited him..the scent of a young woman, still in full bloom. He follows her in order to inhale her scent but ends up accidently killing her. The instant she dies, the scent fades aways, and he grows frustrated. Frustrated of having lost it, not having conserved it, he vows to look for it, to find a way to sustain this scent that plunges him into another world. When Jean Baptiste becomes a perfume seller's novice, he becomes engrossed by the idea that he will reach his goal, no matter the sacrifices.

This movie kept me focused until the end. I had no idea of what was to occur, several events kept changing the way the story was going to end. Now, I am curious to read, maybe some details have been put aside.
If you've watched the movie, I'd love to hear your reviews.

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  1. un bon film, realiste et un peu terifiant, mais interesant et psicologique.


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