The importance of editing

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

hello, everyone, i went back to nature to enjoy its calm, beauty and energy. i went back to the place where i saw the moon, and my story came to life. Just the thoughts of it, excited me.
As i arrived, i decided to read at the library. i had a great view of a colourful sky surrounded by nature, it was perfect! I felt like an adventurer wandering in the woods. Also, i had " song on the lonely moutain" by Neil Finn in mind, i couldn't get enough of it at that moment.

Regarding the importance of editing your story, based on my own experience, i say it's an important, long , tiring ( sometimes frustrating ) but fruitful step in the process of finishing your book.
i remember the first version of my novel, once finished, i decided to edit it. It takes more time than writing the  story itself, but it gives you a certain satisfaction. The key, like in almost everything you do, is to be patient.
You can always leave it a moment and concentrate on something else to get fresh ideas and go back to editing. The important is to enjoy it before making it to the final result : a completed story.
In your process, you might add a few phrases or paraghrafs, delete others, or make a renewed version of the story better than your first draft. So never regret doing it, and never forget it.
So, while i'm still on the editing part, i really wanted to share my opinion about it.

Take care, and see you soon :)
Any questions ? drop it in the comments, i'll respond as soon as i can.

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