Sunday, 19 May 2013

I finished reading the book ( author : Mary Shelly ), and found that there was a movie version produced by Francis Ford Coppola, with Tom Hulce and Helena Bonham Carter, three artists from whom i enjoyed their work. So i definitely wanted to take a look at it.
Of course, i noticed the differences between the book and the movie but they had both expressed the cruelty of men and the consequences of gaining too much power.

Victor Frankenstein is an aspiring scientist who travelled to Ingolstadt to pursue his studies in science. Through his research, and his skills, he discovered that he could achieve a creation that none had ever dared to experience. Obsessed by the idea, he looses track of time, and spirit to complete his work: a human being.
But, a second after, the creature has opened its eyes, he realizes his mistake, and is overwhelmed by fear, shame and misery. he aborts all his work, leaves the creature, believing it's dead, and travels back to Geneva, to his family and his love Elizabeth. What he didn't know, was that the creature lived, and was left alone in an unknown world where he would be obliged to survive. But there's no use running away from the past, it always comes back to force you to look it, and Victor Frankenstein shall face the consequences of his act and take his responsibilities that he tried to deny.

To my opinion, i pitied the monster a lot and Frankenstein afterwards. all the monster desired was love, but people judged him by his appearance and chased him away like the pest. yet beauty can be reflected through the beauty of the soul.
When there is beauty in a soul, you'll find beauty on the outside.
In the book, movie and theater play, i felt this desire to hold the creature and hush him to calm. Because he was banished from feelings, rejected before given the chance to speak, his thoughts became dark, which led him to become "the monster" that all people fear.

So, i'd be happy to hear your thoughts about the movie or the book if you read it !
Take care!

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