VAMPS : Come On, we're ready!

Sunday, 6 October 2013


While I was in Paris, i went to a concert with a great friend of a japanese band called: VAMPS. it's Hideto Takarai's ( hyde, pronounced "haido" by the fans) solo project. He is known to be the singer of japanese band "Laruku" ( Tetsuya's the leader).

I waited seven years to finally see Hyde live on stage. Due to my schedule, I was unable to attend Laruku's concert last year, so I wasn't going to miss this chance.

The fun had started way before the concert, as I met with fans from various countries: England, Romania, Japan, China, Russia...

It's amazing to see how music brings people together from all over the world and create a friendly bond.
We were lucky enough to see the band outside, as they were arriving in their mini van. As Hyde waved back to me, i felt that i had just unlocked another dream that i had kept hidden in a corner, i felt that i was going to enjoy this concert and leave with great energy.

The afternoon went well, i chatted with various fans about the band, other musicians, our life and we were interviewed by a french radio called Muteki. By the end of the day, we started having aching muscles but luckily enough they were finally letting us inside. So once i got inside the hall, i went to the front row and met some fans i had talked to during the day, we were happy to find each other again.


The stage was pretty huge and the instruments were already there. They kept us entertained with some music as the crowd filled step by step. It was actually the first time that i went to a concert that didn't start one hour later, which is pretty good, but it did surprise me though haha!
The background reminded me of a pirate ship, but i believe it was mostly referring to vampires.
And then it started...
the public screamed, the band made its entrance, and the guitars strings echoed loudly in the hall as the concert began.


Hyde was wearing peculiar contact lenses, they glowed light blue in the dark like the eyes of a creature of the night, KAZ the guitarist was rocking the stage with  Ju-ken ( bassist ), and Arimatsu ( drummer ) making the crowd head-bang.

 Despite the aching muscles we faced during the day, it seems that as soon as we gave our tickets, all pain drained from us and we were ready for the "halloween party" as i like to call it.
The fans sang together, there was no pushing or unnecessary screaming, which i highly appreciated.
Hyde spoke with the fans in their native language: French, pleasing and making the entire crowd laugh as he yelled that he was hungry ( a way of introducing the next song: hunting ).

What i felt during this concert was energy, like : "get up, jump and let go of what bothers, absorb the energy and go for your dreams. Tonight you are with us, tonight you start anew, tomorrow you'll feel better because tonight, together, we are reborn". Each of us has his own feeling during a concert, but this is what i personally felt. So when the concert ended, i was emotional, happy and sad at the same time, i wanted this to go on and had trouble to hold my tears. 

If you enjoy rock music, VAMPS should have a chance in your playlist, they sing in japanese but a lot of their current songs are in English. I recommend you to begin with : Revolution, Trouble, Glamourous sky and Piano Duet.

I loved everything about it: the fans, the music, the band, the energy, it was an unforgettable night and i will gladly come back for another party. Mata ne VAMPS!!

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