Après midi à Paris

Friday, 4 October 2013

" An afternoon in Paris" based on a song from one of my favourite japanese bands. I had this song in mind as i walked in the streets of Paris, gazing at the Eiffel tour, and its beauty, despite the grey weather.
Even though we're in September, there were still so many tourists from all over the world discovering the city.
Paris has a special vibe whenever I set foot in it.

"Palais de l'Opéra"

I found this building so beautiful. Paris is quite animated be it day or night. Sadly, my stay in the country was very limited so i couldn't enter the palace to see the inside and enjoy the musical they were performing. It had started raining afterwards, and i was just learning how to use the underground transport thanks to my great friend that invited me to stay at her place. The underground was quite spooky sometimes, my first trip was after midnight, because my plane arrived in the evening, but it was fun too during the day. For those who fear to get lost, i thought it was difficult but the best option is to wander for a day after getting some tips and eventually ask around if you can't find your way out, it's very easy to learn.

 To think that such statue had been created by the hand of men.
This statue is one of the many statues i saw at the "musée du Louvres". This was the closest i could take, the others were too high to reach, most of them were writers, or performers and if i'm not mistaken, i had also seen statues of the previous kings.
These pieces of art are incredible, sometimes i imagined them opening their eyes and seeing the world look at them. It would probably frighten a lot of tourists. If you visit the museum, expect a lot of walking and aching muscles at the end of the day, but it's definitely worth it. Judging by the hugeness of the museum, i'd say you'll need at least a day to see everything.

 This bridge at "La Seine" attracted my attention. As you can see, it's filled with thousands of locks, each of them have little messages written on it, some about lovers, others about friends or people that passed away. They were in differents sizes, colors, forms, so it looked like a masterpiece. Unfortunately, I've been told that because of the weight of all these locks, they might remove them because the bridge could fall down. I hope they'll find a solution.

Notre Dame outside
After walking for more than half an hour, i finally arrived at Notre Dame. It's even bigger than i expected. There are so many statues surrounding the doors and it feels so peaceful. People just gaze at it thoughtfully. I also saw some people that went to the top to have a view on Paris. But i was more eager to go inside and see the beauty of it. I was lucky enough after leaving Notre Dame to hear the bells that chanted a melody that sent goosebumps to my arms. I just looked up and listened silently, like all other tourists. It was like Notre Dame had an enchanting voice and was soothing us with her soft tone.

Notre Dame inside
Inside Notre Dame, the first thing i noticed were the magnificient colourful windows that partly illuminated the inside. There were candles almost everywhere to allow people to give blessings.
What did disturb me a bit where the little shops to buy goodies about Notre Dame, i would have preferred to see them outside to keep the building untouched and seal the spirituality inside.
There were little maps that showed how Notre Dame was created in the early years and people could sit in hall of chairs and pray. A few minutes before we left, I heard some chanting, i couldn't see the persons that were singing, but it was beautiful to listen to.
Next time, if I manage to stay a bit longer, I'll consider to see the rest of the Notre Dame.

Paris has entertained me greatly despite my short stay, i will certainly come back and see what i missed. I wasn't expecting to see Paris with so many foreigners but it's always great to meet people from other places that gather for the same reason: discovering people's culture and the history of the country.

A bientôt Paris!

Take care of yourself! I hope my little post about Paris made you eager to visit it.

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