Saturday, 25 January 2014

In terms of intrigue, cliffhangers, surprises.. This serie has amazed me just as much as BBC Sherlock, even though the concept is different, I found it nevertheless to be a great story with a good cast.

The body of a young boy Danny Latimer is found on the beach on a morning in the small community of Broadchurch, a place where everyone is familiar with each other.
The case is difficult to handle for Ms Ellie Miller (Olivia Coleman), who just came back from Maternity leave to find that not only the son of a friend has died but also that she has been replaced by detective inspecteur Alec Hardy ( played by David Tennant ). The latter has recently decided to take the case, is quite unsocial at times and seems to avoid talking about himself.

Broadchurch is a british police drama serie that will invite you to find the murderer. Everyone seems innocent at first, and yet, at each episode the number of suspects keeps growing, even the friends of Danny's parents become suspicious.

For now i haven't seen all the episodes but i'm enjoying it a lot even though i still can't put my finger on the murderer. The actors are doing a great job and expressing their emotions so well that you can't help but feel with them (eg. the mother putting a hand on her stomach for a few seconds when her instincts tell her something is wrong) . I'm very eager to know who the murderer is and why this tragedy had to happen.
Each time we believe to be approaching a crucial moment where we can unveil an important clue, something unexpected occurs and we're drawn back to think further or wait.
If you fancy such series where it takes time to track the guilty, then this serie will be a pleasure to view.

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