You finished your novel...good! and now?

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Tricky isn't it? Here you are with a novel that is finished and submitted to an agent or a publisher. What will you do in the mean time?

Wait for an answer?

That will be the longest wait of your life.
I am sharing this subject because i've been expecting it as I reached the last pages of my novel. I felt various emotions: accomplishment, joy but also an inch of sadness and confusion.

After thinking it through and reaching the last page, i understood what i had to do after that...

Keep writing!
Don't turn off your creative side.

There is another story in your mind, other characters that want to come to life and share an adventure; another world to explore and learn from.

Keep writing to never loose track, read books to get better, and learn!

Ok, you can allow yourself some rest after all the troubling days of editing, rephrasing, translating... But don't drop your pen.
It doesn't have to be a huge story, as long as you keep scribbling on your note until something huge comes out of your drafts.

Avoid at all costs procrastination.

Doing nothing will only make you question yourself a bit too much, leading you to doubts.

Let go  of your first work and start something new until you receive an answer to your first novel ( be it approval or refusal ).

Have a great weekend and since we're on it :

Happy international women's day! Be proud to be a lady, keep rocking and be a fighter for your dreams!

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