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Monday, 2 June 2014


 It required patience but it came true. The word impossible was merely an illusion.
This is what I strongly remember in my mind at Yoshiki Hayashi's concert.

During and after the show, most of my talk included: "wow", "incredible", "I can't believe it".

For those who are unfamiliar with the artist, let me give you a short introduction.
You may have heard the melody that he had composed for the golden globe awards in 2012.
Yoshiki Hayashi is a multi instrumentalist but mainly composer/pianist/drummer and leader of the legendary japanese band X Japan.
The band had launched itself in the world of music introducing a unique theme called "Visual Kei". Several bands followed after them and to be honest, none of them would have existed without X Japan. The music combines rock, classical and speaks about love, sex, anger, suicide and courage. My advice regarding songs: X , Forever love, Silent jealousy, Scarlet love song, Weekend...
He has gained the love and respect of a huge public whether in  Japan or outside.

fans waiting outside

I had arrived early in the morning and met with some fans from around the world : Japan, China, Russia, UK...
We started chatting about Yoshiki san , about the concert and his upcoming projects, when suddenly someone from the staff came to offer hot chocolate saying that Yoshiki san had seen us waiting outside and wanted to offer us something to warm us up. I found that to be a lovely thought and it only made me eager to see the concert that was beginning in the evening.

Kissing "Yoshikitty"
 Time passed, and despite the aching in my legs, the fans were being incredibly animated with laughing, cheering and calling out Yoshiki san's name whenever a window opened. It went so well that even tourists started cheering us from a distance, which only made this experience amusing.
At last, at the beginning of the evening, the doors finally opened. I went inside and was astonished when I realized how close we were to the stage.
As I sat and gazed at the screen with his picture, something inside me started throbbing, I began to feel dizzy a bit and yet it was only the adrenaline that threatened to overflow me.

performing Endless Rain
It went dark and the song "Miracle" began to reverberate around us, while footage of previous concerts were exposed as the musicians made their entrance. When the song reached its peak, Yoshiki Hayashi made his entrance.

To realize that the door of my dream had finally opened, that he was there, had shattered all bad memories that had stopped me from believing in it. I failed to hold back my emotions but his music has something hauntingly inspiring. I admired how modest and close he was with us. This was beyond my dreams. Having the chance to speak to him, to listen to him live was beyond what I had ever wished.

The man also spoke about his career as leader of X-Japan, about the good times and the bad times, but never failed to make us laugh with jokes.That someone with rock influence could create such a classical masterpiece. No matter how much time it requires, the result is always breathtaking and inspiring to me.
Among the public were all ages and all genres gathered together for him, hard rock fans with classical fans, adults and teenagers. No one left the concert without amazement.

"We are X!"
The concert included melodies such as :  Forever love, Hero (ending to Saint Seiya animation, Amethyst, IV, Hymn à l'amour ( added at the last minute by Yoshiki san ), Art of life, Endless rain, Without you, golden globe awards theme, the Japanese emperor's anniversary song etc..Yoshiki Classical is a true masterpiece and a bundle of emotions that will overwhelm you when you leave the hall. His music speaks so much that you undeniably relate it to something in your own life.

He finished the show with the famous "We Are X" scream with all the fans following the gesture and cheering him.
This tour is apparently just the first part. So if there is indeed a second part, I will gladly come back to see him again.

If you have time or are curious to know Yoshiki Hayashi's world, listen to one of the songs I mentioned in his post, and let your soul trail off in the beauty of his work. Once you will let it enter your heart, you will scream: WE ARE X!

(Yoshikitty*: Yoshiki Hayashi's own Hello Kitty doll ).

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