Saturday, 12 July 2014

 Burnout, one of the worst feelings you can encounter during your life.
As soon as you get the first signs that you're on the edge of a burnout, back away immediately.

What is a burnout exactly?

My description will be based on my personal experience.

A burnout is a bit like overusing your energy.
I worked too much and denied all my needs that it resulted in a sudden complete shutdown where I couldn't even trust my own body anymore.

If I could describe my feelings when I was aware of what I was going through, I would say that I felt like a shattered glass sprawled on the floor and that I had absolutely no idea on how to fix myself.

The first symptoms were : huge fatigue, feeling crushed by negative thoughts, loss of faith in oneself and in our projects, lack of desire to do anything actually, physical pain.
Basically you feel like some wandering soul and you just let time pass.
Since I went beyond my boundaries, my body suffered the consequences and I swore to never attempt that again.

The moment you realize this, do not feel ashamed that you are in a state of weakness, we are humans, we rise and fall every time, it's the basis of life and it allows us to bloom.

It's alright to feel tired, you have the right to sometimes put your work down and take a rest: read a book, go for a walk, spend some time with friends and explore.
Take some time to scribble some words or draw silly things to keep your imagination stimulated ( do it for fun!!! not for work!)

Most importantly, keep in mind that the healing process requires time, so you will need to be patient.
The more you attempt to get back to your normal schedule, the more time you will need to fix yourself.
Meditate and try to get to know who you are before embracing your existence.
Set a list of positive things you have, be thankful for your creative gift, of who you are and what you are capable of, begin to have positive thoughts and consider positive events in the future.

If you need some extra positive thoughts, please read: Fail many times but always get up.

I am currently in the healing process, I feel blessed with all the support and love I receive to get me through this annoying time.  However it made me realize that I am not a machine, but a human. In order to create I need to take more care of myself. If the body shuts down, the brain will follow and confusion will set in.

If you are experiencing the same phase, feel free to share your tips or your story if you wish to discuss about it.
See you soon!

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