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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Hello everyone, I just came back from Paris again.

 Despite the weather i still had a lovely time with friends and tried to visit new places.

As I arrived at Charles De Gaulle airport and when I saw how huge it actually was, I bit my lip and thought: I need a map.


If I can give you any advice about this airport, do not hesitate to ask around which way you need to go, otherwise you might go in circles if you are not used to huge airports. After taking the bus, I had to take the subway.  I received a small map for free to find my way through the many roads. It's actually quite simple once you are guided for one or two itineraries. 

Sacré Coeur
 Again I arrived to see a part of the opera and was already enjoying my trip. During this very short stay I went to the Sacré Cœur.
What always impresses me is that in Paris, wherever you go, you see so many people from different countries : russia, british, morocco, japan, china....
At the Sacré Cœur, you have several coffee shops, snack, ice cream booths where you can enjoy a nice meal in the ascending garden of the Sacré Cœur. That day, we had a lovely weather so I had found time to relax and enjoy the sun.
Inside the Sacré Cœur we weren't allowed to take pictures but if I can describe it, it resembles the Inside of Notre Dame De Paris. It has a spiritual atmosphere, you will be astonished by its beauty.
(You can get to it with the subway: road 2 to Anvers ).


Not far from "Les champs Elysées" you will see this huge museum called "Grand Palais de la découverte" where they are currently exhibiting " Moi Auguste empereur de Rome". Since I was running out of time, i couldn't go inside to take a look but it must be an amazing place to see, also near it there is a nice park where you enjoy the fresh air if there isn't to much traffic.

I love the design of the museum, I first thought it was a theater, the statues are quite impressive to look out and frame the exhibition pretty well.

Arc de triomphe
At les champs Elysee ( that you can reach by line1 and line9 at Franklin D. Roosevelt) there are so many stores you will need an entire day to visit. Thankfully there are also restaurants and snacks to take a break from shopping, also if you walk a bit further, among all the tourists that are there to visit or shop, you will arrive at l'Arc De Triomphe, and a subway to go to your next destination.  Actually there are more than enough subways to hit the road. In the worst case you can always ask around or take a cab.

I will certainly see Paris again, there is always something to explore and enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed this review! See you soon!

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