Novel: Chapter one

Saturday, 9 August 2014

I've often been asked this question : "how am I going to start my novel?"

The first chapter which is the primary part that will either attract the reader or repel him ( of course there are cases where the reader gets dragged in the story in further chapters..)

Still, starting a novel, with the first chapter, the first part, the first sentence is often a struggle. We want to make sure that as soon as we start, the game is on.

First of all I would like to remind you of something a lot seem to forget when they ask me this question.
The first writing is often a draft version of your novel : so not the final version that will be sent to an agent or publisher.
Even though you believe to have started with a weak first chapter, remember that you will eventually get back to it and change it.
Don't get obsessed with the idea that you have to write a perfect beginning, you will end up writing nothing and it will be taking you no step further.

I have personally started with a draft,like all of us ( in fact I recently found it again buried under a pile of papers, I was surprised at the huge difference with the final version and how much my writing had changed. Positive thought : I've made new and better steps!! *happy* )

We all started somewhere, it's just like drawing, we begin with awkward ones where the heads are too big or the arms too small or the hands look odd, but the more we practice, the better we become.

I could even display you something from my personal folder which are my drawings.

Even though I notice the developments, to me there is still a long road and a lot to learn. In order to acquire these developments you have to start somewhere and before you know you'll notice the difference.

Again, do not restrain yourself at the beginning, just write and let your imagination do the rest, once you will process with the first editing, you will automatically begin with the first chapter and that's where your experienced mind will see what can be developed. ( with experience I mean writing, scribbling, reading and developing your soul)

If you have other tips to suggest, feel free to share it with us all on the blog so everyone can benefit.
Share you own experience with "writing the first chapter", I'd love to read it.
Thank you for reading and see you soon!

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