Writer's block

Friday, 18 July 2014

I tend to call it my battle against the blank page.
It happens, and it can bring doubt about your potential.

We tend to forget that our brain can't always function with all its energy. There are times when it shuts down.
This should remind you of my previous article : Burnout.
Both are somewhat related, but it can also happen when you're fine and that you've run out of ideas for your story.

When I experienced this, I knew I wouldn't write well by forcing myself (usually when you force yourself, you tend to write something messy).

To regain your motivation and/or inspiration to write properly on a daily basis, here are a few tips that got me back on track:

-Find a distraction as going for a walk at the park, the beach...
-Read a book
-Listen to music and try to review your entire story from the beginning until where you blocked.
-If you are blocked for a specific scene try writing an extract that comes later as a draft, it could stimulate your imagination to trigger a perfect plot to lace both parts together.
-Read your novel from the beginning again and remember that your goal is to finish it (and afterwards publish it ).
-Accept that you have this block that stops you from writing. The more you get mad at the problem, the less you'll reach the solution. Experiencing this isn't a bad and is a common situation to all artists.
-Keep writing, maybe it's something that isn't related to your novel but just keep writing. Who knows? From those drafts, something interesting might pop out and give you the right material to continue your story.

You may also read my interview with Writer's bloc  for some additional tips.

Don't mix these tips with procrastination, for that is a trap that could keep you away from your writing and make you loose interest. This is why I always include in my tips that you should keep writing to keep your creative mind awake. It's something unique, don't let its flame fade away in darkness.

As I'm currently regaining my strength after my burnout, I am indeed experiencing a block with writing. However, I have several drafts on my desk of short paragraphs that I wrote of my novel, and once I'm back in my story, I'll be able to gather everything and continue my journey as a writer.

Have a great weekend and see you soon!

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