Manga afternoon : road to Moroccan Anime Expo

Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Hello everyone,

Today's subject is about a dream that started from a small room to become a project of an anime expo.
All of this has been achieved by a dreamer who never gave up, and fought for it despite the multiple challenges.

Based on how the events have been evolving over the past years, I believe Manga Afternoon could be on the road to become the Japan Expo of Paris, Comic-con of San Diego or the MCM London Expo in London.

Does it look too big of a dream? One step at a time yes, but always dreaming big to never stop.


As you may have noticed already, this is regarding an anime convention, similar to Japan Expo in Paris.
This year, it has reached a stage where the event occurred at Morocco's biggest mall : Morocco mall.
I went to visit the event and was surprised at the huge amount of people surrounding the arcades and shops.
Even the visitors were keen to discover more about this event.
For the first time, I got to see Moroccan cosplayers in action and like Japan Expo, it brought the same great feeling of being surrounded with creative people.

From anime cosplayers, to games and J-artists cosplayers, all of them came together to meet each other and promote their fun.
Four bands performed english and anime openings and the crowd was enjoying it. I think that they felt like for one week ( the event lasted an entire week ) they were in an anime world. They could expose their arts in drawing, music and perfoming for a public that had been looking for them and I'm glad with the result.

The event has already received J-artists such as Miyavi ( ex-Miyabi, also actor in the movie Unbroken from Angelina Jolie ), BLACK LINE (unfortunately they disbanded, and currently Mikaru is busy with his solo career as G.L.A.M.S with sometimes the participation of Syu and Yudai ), and Nana Kitade ( most of her songs are featured in anime such as Fullmetal Alchimist and she modeled for gothic lolita brands ).
Hopefully the notoriety will allow the event to grow more and receive more J-artists that will be interested to perform in Morocco.

P.S: this review is not only to comment about the existence of Manga Afternoon, but also a chance to show you that once again dreams can be reached by dreamers who never give up, no matter how hard or numerous the challenges.
If you visit the country someday, and you are interested in subjects such as Japan and anime, put a reminder on your calendar for some fun time.

Take care!

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