Miyavi " The Others " concert Paris Bataclan

Friday, 9 October 2015

Hello everyone,

I am back with some fresh posts about recent events.

Let's begin with my trip to Paris to see Miyavi san again.
The last time I had seen him was in Morocco at Manga Afternoon ( Miyavism and Japan )

This time I flew for a very short trip to Paris with an unexpected turn of events.
Upon my arrival, I had quickly gone to look for the Bataclan, where the concert would be held to be on time
the next day.

I arrived early in the morning and found a few fans waiting outside as well. Thankfully, it meant that I would not get bored.
While I waited, I got the chance to speak with the fans, coming from all over Europe again and even made some new friends.
I would like to point out that this was my first concert alone.

With all the discussions and laughing, the day quickly went by, I even had time to run to the tuileries as I had hoped to find Jared Leto from 30seconds to Mars but sadly we missed him by a few minutes and we had to go back to Bataclan.

There was a first part played by the french band A.Vox to warm the fans up. Even though the band is composed by two persons Anthéa (singer/keyboard) and Virgile (drums),  they managed to entertain the public well with french/english rock electro pop songs.

When the band left, the stage went dark again, and the lights slowly gradually started to lit. The first notes of "cruel" began to reverberate in the entire concert hall, sending the fans in excitement for the beginning of an amazing night.
Cruel is indeed a dark and  negative song and speaks about the feeling of a breakdown, how a person feels it and what he/she thinks in those down moments. Miyavi entered the stage, made a silent prayer before facing us and slapping the strings ( as he often says ) and sing the song.

Being so close to the stage, with no barriers, so basically my hands were on the stage, the sound was intense and the adrenaline had given me a serious boost of energy.
His album "The others" is basically like a journey that started from a breakdown and slowly the mood began to change to a more positive aspect, especially with the song " the others" which speaks of being different and accepting it, being a dreamer who takes action and live life to its full extent.

During short pauses, Miyavi would speak with us and talk about a peaceful dream he works hard to achieve with us, where all would live as one, because in the end, no matter what religion, colour, nationality, culture we have, we are all the same, one, and we can live together. I believe concerts prove that a lot.
Sometimes, little tears would run down my cheeks for all the great energy I was experiencing: strenght, love, blessed, inspired and especially happy.

Among the songs on the set list were : mission impossible (instrumental ), what's my name, let go, secret, futuristic love, what a wonderful world ( subarashikikana kono sekai ) and finishing off with Day One ( everyday is day 1, a new chance, a new beginning and a fresh start ).
How to describe him on stage, he is an oustanding guitarist that evolves each time he puts his hands on the guitar. I tried to keep track of every single movement he makes with his fingers, it's fascinating how at ease he is with this instrument. Like I had probably said once, he becomes one with the guitar, slapping the strings, jumping around, headbanging, flirting, smiling but most of all being a true artist living his passion.
As Miyavi had mentioned once, being in a concert, during the performance " It's like making love" during the moment you are overly excited and alive, afterwards you are tired but the next day you're filled with fresh energy.

 With the exchanged smiles, winks and in the end when he grabbed my hand, I felt I could lift mountains to reach my dreams, relieved that I had made it, and eternally grateful to him for this amazing time. All of us evolved in the course of time, experiencing ups and downs, but in the end we met again, lifted our hands to the sky and lived like the dreamers we are.

Before definitely leaving, Miyavi promised to be back next year. I hope it will be very soon and I'm considering doing more concerts this time. Mate ne Miyavi san! Let's keep rocking, dreaming and being the others!

See you soon!

And here I share one of Miyavi's first solo songs from years ago

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