Friday, 13 November 2015

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well.

This will probably be my last post of the year. As you may have noticed, I was supposed to fly back to Paris to attend Kamijo san's concert.

Unfortunately, due to the tragic events that recently occured in Paris, for security reasons, the staff has
decided to reschedule the event to another date ( which  has yet to be confirmed).

I am deeply saddened not only by the cancellation of the show but especially by the series of attacks in Paris, Beirut and Kenya.
Hate will never solve anything, killing is not a religious act but a human sin. In other words, none of these
attacks can be justified in any possible way.
We are all one, and stronger in love, peace, and respect.

I will not focus on the people that live in a dark cloud and scream for hate, but I will cherish the strong ones
that are garthering, all communities together and stand to say that it will never stop them from being alive and oppose hate and ignorance.

I will temporarily be closing the blog for an update.

This year has been quite rich in events, in Learning and living, and I believe this is just the beginning.
I am grateful for everything I experienced and will cherish the greatest moments.
I don't think I have become another person but rather the person I was always supposed to be.

Kamijo san is another artist on my bucket list that fascinates me with his aristocratic theme. He reminds me a lot of my second favourite band Malice Mizer. I started knowing him through his band Lareine, before it changed to Versailles, and now I will patiently work for the new schedule.

See you soon!

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