"Agents of change"

Friday, 22 January 2016

This will be my last post tribute to Alan Rickman.

Today marks one week that he passed away.

It was difficult to let the information sink in my mind, but after expressing my emotions, support from friends and remembering the positive impact Alan Rickman had on me, I am beginning to accept his sudden departure.

Come to think of it, maybe I would have been better prepared had I known that he was ill, but we have to respect his privacy that he preferred to keep it for himself. 

I had discovered him through Harry Potter and with time I grew interested in his acting and his works outside the saga.
I ended up watching Robin Hood, Snow Cake, Truly Madly Deeply, Die hard, Dogma, Sense and Sensibility, Gambit, Rasputin, Mesmer, Love Actually, etc...
With that, I grew attached to the man for his talent, his personality, his sense of humour, and I will remember all the advice he shared with the public.

'People think that they're watching this' he said waving his hand in front of his face, 'but really they're watching this' and he pounded his fist on his heart center'. ( Alan Rickman to Evanna Lynch )
That is what I saw in him, that is what made me smile when I spoke of him, what made him beautiful to my eyes.
Even though I'm not in the world of acting, I do enjoy it for fun, I enjoy those who play with passion, and I would like to consider myself as an "agent of change", like he mentioned some day,  with my own work in writing stories, drawing and being creative.
I felt proud of having the possibility to have this passion instead of feeling alienated by it.

I am grateful that through a friend, he was able to know me, how much I cared and loved and I will cherish his words in my heart.
 It does not do well to hold on to the past, so it is time to look up again and go further in life.
Alan Rickman would surely want us to move on, smile at life like he did, and find laughter in the smallest things.
He may physically no longer be here, but he will always live in our hearts.

I'll be going to London soon, and I'll stop by platform 9 3/4 if I get my chance. It feels well to do so and with a smile I'll be able to say "Goodbye dear Alan, and thank you ".

P.S: F*ck cancer! There, I said it!

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  1. It's been several years since I felt genuinely affected by a celebrity's death, but I did cry when Alan Rickman died. He was more than just a brilliant actor. He was a good human being.

    1. I agree with your words. He will be dearly missed. He could see talent and be supportive even with those are unexperienced but passionate about filming/acting. I wish more people from the filming industry would be so open.

  2. He was an amazing and versatile actor and person. It's a shame cancer took him from his friends & family, cancer is a horrible disease and I hate it.

    1. It is. This disease should be studied more seriously for cures.
      Alan lived happily until his final moment and we will have the movies in which he played or directed to inspire us.


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