warrior princesses: shout it out!

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Hello bloggies!

Today's post is specially dedicated to the ladies that read my blog ( gentlemen, you are welcome to join the party!)
Generations have passed and there has been a clear evolution for women regarding existence, rights and image.
Today we should all remember that we are warriors, we should look up and not down on ourselves, we are just as precious as any other being walking on this earth. We are wild flowers that bloom everyday in all shapes and colours.

I know that there are still several subjects that needs to be reviewed such as: the stereotype of beauty (men are also involved in this), image in the media, the working environment, and most importantly women's rights. I remain positive that step by step, we will be able to move forward and break these fabrications that are so far from reality.

I like to consider myself as a warrior princess, such as my childhood heroine : Xena (Lucy Lawless).
She is a strong woman that fought for freedom, for friendship and love, she bloomed, opened her heart and inspired so many others.

I like to be an elegant flower, blush at gentlemen gestures and be also completely bonkers and free in letting my soul bloom; just being happy by being myself! Not just today, but every single day! Be proud of being a woman, a warrior and a lady.
Gentlemen, look in the eyes of the flower that smiles at you and blooms with her soul.

 ۞ Happy international women day! ۞ 

P.S: if you wish to bring more awareness to the subject, the #HeForShe campaign is at your service:

Website: http://www.heforshe.org/en
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HeForShe

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