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Friday, 12 August 2016

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I'm so excited to share that YES I did it! I finally surrendered to this fun I longed for and cosplayed for the first as one of my favourite characters : Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji ( Black Butler ).
I had so much fun and meet a lot of creative and nice people that performed well and had worked so much on their costume designs. If you are reading this: You are awesome and you should be proud of it!
On my side, my first plan was to purchase the original costume but as the shipping would not make it before the event, I decided to get creative with my own clothing and I'm pretty proud of the result.

This is the only picture I was able to take on my own. I was quite surprised by people's attention but at the same time glad I was able to portray the character correctly. On some occasions I had to be out of characters for toddlers who wanted to take a picture with me.

This was my first experience and it provided me an amazing feeling.
I felt a bit overwhelmed by the feedback on my costume. Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable experience.

To be fair, I tried to stay in character for most of the day, and this character is quite complex, a bit like my opposite in some way; I wasn't supposed to smile or be social, but when children come over to you, it's hard to keep a straight face since some of them don't even know who you are portraying. It felt like an acting experience.

Now, you might be wondering what is cosplay? It is an abbreviation for costume play. Basically, it is dressing up as a character ( it is more seen in japanese anime, but it can be any fictional/non fictional character, cartoon, film or series ). There are several cosplay events, the most known is probably Comic-Con in San Diego, but you might find a convention even in your own city.

To me, cosplay is acting, you dress up and play a character.

In this picture I am at the Morocco Mall in Casablanca. I had previously gone to the first edition : Manga & Gaming Expo and was glad to see the evolution: more cosplayers and more animation. This convention has allowed so many people to finally participate in an activity that they could only watch from a telly/computer. I applaud these persons who have brought many happy faces thanks to that.

Cosplayers mostly parade during events, take pictures, but sometimes they can act a scene (whether ripped from the story, or written by the cosplayers). The stage acting is my favourite part.

If this is appealing to you, then go for it, you can either purchase a costume (via internet or at a convention) or sew it yourself, play a bit with make-up if needed,  head to a convention and start acting.

A huge thanks to VORTEX PHOTOGRAPHY for the amazing collaboration! Have a look at his page to get a glimpse of the talented cosplayers that were present.

You don't need to stress about your age, height, weight, costume, what you need to make sure of is: meeting other cosplayers and having fun.
You will meet teenagers, adults, elders, singles, couples, married or even a family cosplaying together, so don't worry!

Cosplay isn't a competition about who is the best (unfortunately you might encounter judgmental people, but that is everywhere and shouldn't be acknowledged at all), it is having fun, laughing, discovering stories and enjoying the play.
Here are a few cosplayers I enjoy watching : TeaAddictsPro , GrellShow , Aicosu

For more pictures, please head to the anime convention's page : Manga Afternoon

What are your thoughts on cosplay? Did you ever participate?
Let's chat about it !

See you soon!

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