Dancing at a royal night

Friday, 21 October 2016

It was a private party at the pavillon Dauphine in Paris.
For the 20years of Kamijo's career, the latter decided to celebrate it as a royal evening : Royal night.

We were invited to enjoy the evening with music, while being served drinks and snacks.
I had absolutely no idea what to expect so I got ready, put on my Moi Même Moitié dress, had some fun with a bit of make up and left for the party.
It took me some time to find the pavillon, as I had never visited that part of Paris, and on that day I was on my own.
After asking around, I was finally led to a huge white pavillon and noticed a few people dressed as aristocrats, so definitely not wrong this time.
I waited in the row, and was a bit curious to know why it took so much time to go inside. I hoped I wasn't going to be left all behind for the showcase as I'm quite tiny.
It's only once I was Inside the hall that I realised the wait.
Kamijo was greeting everyone and taking pictures with them.

This was unexpected and a twinge of excitement fluttered in my stomach, I breathed out at the sight that after years of appreciating his music, not only was I going to see hem live, but also meeting him.

In front of me were fans with tears in their eyes and I couldn't help but smile at the joy emanating from their glittering eyes. There was nothing more satisfying than seeing people glowing with happiness.
When it was my turn, I blushed at the fascinating aura coming out of him and how delicately he took my hand to salute me. I was flabbergasted but greeted him nonetheless.

Later I joined some fans with whom I got acquainted at the orchestra room. Two rows of chairs were placed on each side, the middle left free to walk to the stage. Everyone was beautifully dressed as princes, princesses, aristocrats, elegant vampires. It was like another world.
Kamijo made his entrance, followed by his band mates, they seated in front of a group of Young talented musicians who were going to accompany the band in their performance.
Kamijo was overjoyed by our aesthethic, repeating: You are all so beautiful. He spoke about his 20years carreer as a singer before debuting his showcase.
It was the first time I was going to hear him sing live and what an outstanding voice! There was not a single trace of slip in his tone as he sang like a true prince with all his elegance.
The sound of his voice felt like a gentle carress to my ears, sending goosebumps to my skin and flutters to my heart. In my mind, I kept repeating: oh my god.
This was a huge difference compared to his indie time as singer of LaReine.
We were afterwards invited to go outside to enjoy some drinks. I got acquainted with other fans and we kept chatting about the music and other subjects we had in common such as drawing.

Out of the blue, Kamijo arrived. We expected a short salute but it was none. He spoke to each group of fans and was very casual as if we were all his friends. When he approached our group, we stood up to greet him (curtsy) to which he responded by bowing to us like a prince (the flutters in my stomach positively increased) we had a little chat and laughs. Kamijo was all smiling and having a lot of fun being so close to his fans. He is so much more relaxed than his character on stage.
Among the fans, I met a lovely couple cosplayed as Marie Antoinette and Kamijo, the costumes are breathtaking and hand-made.
When the party came to an end, we headed to the exit, only to be surprised again by Kamijo who decided at the last minute to wish us goodnight. I went to him as he greeted me with open arms and embraced me whispering : bonne nuit! His touch was very gentle. "See you in two days, sleep well!" He replied gleefully "ah yes thank you, sleep well".

With that, this sweet fairy tale came to an end and I went back home, overjoyed, inspired, and eager to see him again at the concert. That night, I feel like a princess.


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