Moi Même Moitié

Friday, 28 October 2016

The title speaks about two subjects and they complete each other.
The reason I chose such blog title is that I consider this type of clothing as partially me.
If you've been catching up on my music taste, you'll find that a few bands/artists have something in common which is the aristocratic aesthetic.

Let me tell you about "Moi Même Moitié"

Moi Même Moitié is a japanese gothic lolita aristocrat brand from designer and Malice Mizer guitarist Mana ( called " Mana sama" by the fans ).

The brand's main influence is the elegant gothic estethic, containing two categories:
Elegant Gothic Lolita and Elegant Gothic Aristocrat.

As a fan of Malice Mizer, I often admired Mana sama's designs in clothing so I was quite curious when it was announced that he was launching his own brand.

I'm aware that a lot of people view Gothic Lolita as a dark somber atmosphere, and it might be the way some people display their feelings.
However on my side, at some point, it didn't truly refer to darkness but more to mystery and classy.
If you think of it, when you mix all colours together, you end up with the colour black. Ironic right?
Our view of the colour Black could be a matter of perception.

But back to our subject regarding the Moi Meme Moitié brand, I was smitten by the different types of clothing.
It either gave away the impression of a doll, an aristocratic lady or that of a mysterious person.
The main colours are usually black and blue, but it is also available in white and sometimes with floral textures.

The clothing are indeed expensive compared to other brands, but as it is a unique collection with good quality of fabric and design, it is definitely worth its price. I recently purchased Moi Même Moitié Archangel for the Royal night with Kamijo.
The moment I wore it, I felt so happy, a lady aristocrat going to a party. I used to daydream about this and when it was a reality I was over the moon. I like that it framed my shape without being too tight and was puff from beneath, the attached black ribbon covers the side zipper and gives the dress a cute touch.

I even like the name "Moi Même Moitié" for which Mana sama has his own reasons to brand it so. To me, it expresses clearly who I am, this is partly me. I do love the gothic aristocrat world, but it is still only part of me, I also like to be casual, sometimes rock, sometimes modern elegant.
In the end, the clothing will not define who you are, but the way you wear it.

I hope I have brought up a new brand to the gothic lovers, maybe a different approach about the style.

See you soon!

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