We are Versailles ~ Nocturnal roses

Thursday, 9 February 2017

The last moment where we were singing together with the prince was Moulin Rouge and in February it was time to gather again at Moulin Rouge in Paris.

Because of the winter weather, it was difficult to decide what to wear, I wanted to keep an elegant outfit, still be free to move and jump and of course shelter my body from the cold. As accessory I had brought my rose and an elegant black mask.
Once I was done, I headed to Moulin Rouge and found friends from the previous concert with Kamijo in September. I got acquainted with other people and we spent a lot of time talking about the Versaille's return, Royal night, Kamijo, joking and discussing about other artists we had in common.

There were quite a few reasons why I was interested in Versailles. Kamijo is a fan of Malice Mizer, one of my favourite visual kei bands and what I consider to be the first visual kei band to create different themes such as vampires, aristocrats, rock gothic, soft rock etc...
With the roots of that band, and Kamijo's personal ideas, he created the band Versailles in collaboration with Hizaki, Yuki, Teru, Masashi and of course the now deceased but eternal member Jasmine You.
I am quite fond also of the history of the French Revolution, classical music, rock and visual kei.
The combination of these factors can be found in the music of Versailles.


While we waited outside, we were again photographed by tourists, strangers that found our style interesting and/or questioned us about the band we were seeing. I received sweet compliments about my mask as well even though some asked if it had a hint of fifty shades of grey (oh god!) which was funny and disturbing at the same time.

When we entered the hall, I ran with my friends to the front and was very happy to be quite close to the stage, center to where Kamijo would be.

Before the show started, we were surprised by one of the tour manager who announced that another guest had joined the tour who was none other than David, a new member of Kamijo's chateau agency.
He performed his first single Genesys which was offered to us when the song ended. For a first impression, he has a good potential vocally and hints of mystery in his appearance. His outfit did remind me of Kamijo's early phase as Lareine singer.

As the curtains closed and it darkened anew, the sound of cheering and excitement made me shiver with adrenaline and I felt a bit lightheaded because it was happening, the concert was about to start and we were going to enter our field of roses where the main guests would arrive to greet us.
My heartbeat was racing and a soft symphony began to play, the screams became louder, so did mine.
A background choir chanted "we are" and we responded, roses in the hand with "VERSAILLES!" as one by one each band member made their entrance: Teru, Masashi, Yuki and Hizaki.
Kamijo was the last to enter. I felt a tiny squeeze in my heart as sadly enough Kamijo had been badly injured after falling from the stage in Poland.
When I heard that I was torn between worry for him and the concert. His health is priority even though I would have been sad to miss this evening but Kamijo chose to finish the tour, so I swore to double the encouragements.
He walked in with crutches. Honestly it broke my heart to see that. He took a seat as he can't stand and received our cheers with open arms as the hymn "We are Versailles" grew more orchestral simultaneously with our loud voices until we finished it with applause, roses raised towards the band.

The show began with Aristocrat's symphony, which was a bit more louder and quicker than Kamijo's solo version but nevertheless a delight to sing in his presence.
A lot of headbanging, jumping, dancing, waltzing the roses in the air but also fun with fanservice (Kamijo kissing/biting Hizaki), Hizaki dancing...
Among the songs were Ascended Master, Vampire, Inheritence, Chandelier, Zombie... I can't recall in which one we danced or head-banged the most but the band definitely made us every feel every song with every fiber of our being.

There was an emotional moment where Kamijo pointed his finger to the sky and said: we are happy to be here tonight in Paris...with him ( referring to Jasmine You) and like that the first notes of Serenade were played and mid-song there were tears of reminiscence from the fans and the band, Yuki's eyes were glassy and Hizaki made a silent prayer.

Something peculiar happened, my rose had lost a bit of its light, probably because of the battery but still I directed it towards Kamijo when all of a sudden it regained its full power, I looked at it with a puzzled face and imagined that Kamijo had something to do it.
Afterwards he looked into my direction and smiled which made me blush and I looked away shyly before looking back at him and see him laugh kindly. He holds a charisma that makes him royal and stand out even though he sat almost during the entire concert. He did say he was fine, but I could see him wince sometimes when he tried to stand, especially when he was kneeling in front of the fans.

Before the last encores, there was so much excitement, I think none wanted it to end even if it had to. I shouted "We are Versailles" and soon my friends joined the cheering until the entire hall was shouting for them in unison until they came back to finish the night with a proud triumph.

Experiencing Versailles in a concert was mind blowing, there is so much energy in the crowd, the sound, the passion of the artists laced with grace, elegance and aristocrat aesthetic. Such greatness was expected when you see how much effort they put in creating their world. I felt that my body was going to ache a lot but my mind would be filled with bliss and exploding with happiness. These men are talented and will gain more notice in time.

Kamijo said at the end: See you next time! See you next year!

I hoped he meant with Versailles and that I could still hope for him to come this year solo after recovering from his injury.
I admired his dedication for the last two shows and was overwhelmed to see him reunited with Hizaki, Teru, Yuki and Masashi. They have a huge potential, they could reach what Malice Mizer could have done had they pursued their music (and secretly I wish for a come-back).

The final gift was the bands setlist and again I was overcome with emotions, slightly crying with happiness and embraced all the friends with whom I had shared this fantastic experience.
Waving the band goodbye, I made a silent wish to see them more next time and with a heart filled with inspiration I left and had sweet dreams of the field of roses.

See you soon again Majesty and descendants

For interest in their music: Masquerade

Aristocrat's symphony

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