Difference between e-reading and book reading

Monday, 3 June 2013

With technology nowadays, we are able to read books on our phones, kindle, etc... But what about the paper book?
For a long time, i rejected the idea of reading it electronically. But i decided recently to give it a try, and to share my opinion about it .
So, i chose two stories that i like:
- Sherlock Holmes: a study in scarlet. ( Sir Arthur Conan Doyle )
- The Hobbit. ( J.R.R. Tolkien ).

E-book VS Book

What i have noticed when using a mobile or kindle is:
-you can save many books.
-it doesn't take space in your room, and isn't heavy to carry in a bag.
-There are options that allow you to read at night.
-Still, in case there is a malfunction, or low battery, you'll have to wait and it can be frustratring when you're reading an interesting part.
- Personally, i'm working a lot with computers at work and after that, so the last thing i have in mind before bed is a computer or a mobile phone.

When reading a paper book:
-Well, i wonder if all readers here will agree, but this is mainly my personal feeling. I love the scent of a fresh new book, it makes me eager to know what story it hides, and when i look or touch it, i feel a certain magic in my hand, as if i am about to enter a new world: the world of imagination. When i was holding Frankenstein in my hands i thought of fear, danger and sadness, when i held the hobbit i thought of adventures, creatures, magic, nature...
-A paperbook will never have low battery or be out or order for some particular reason.
-I think it's nice to have a bookshelf full with books, ( i wouldn't mind having one as big as the one in hogwarts ) it makes you want to read. But, it's not easy when you're travelling ( for example ) and you want to take a few books, because you have to restrain yourself sometimes.

So to conclude, i'd say that i do prefer paperbooks. Maybe it's because i've been used to it. But E-books are fine too. In the end, it allows you to read a good story and enjoy yourself.

So i'd love to know your opinion regarding this subject. Feel free to drop a comment!

Take care, & see you soon!

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