Write more than one story at a time

Sunday, 16 June 2013

I think it's something writers do experience when the're already working on a story.

Sometimes an idea pops out while you're writing, but it doesn't fit what you're working on. In fact, it would fit for another story, and it starts developping itself because it remains in your mind, and you're often reminded of it of through scenes that happen in your daily life, music or thoughts...
At that moment, it can get confusing. You want to finish your first task, but you also want to discover more about the new idea or even start writing a bit.
I have been facing such situation, and will probably face it again, but here are some of my personal tips to be sure not to lose both ideas nor time:

  • Take a pause from your current project. Sometimes, working for hours, days or months on a book can be tiring and even boring when you've done nothing else. and give your other idea a chance, without of course forgetting the first one.
  • Write down the main ideas about your new story, it could be shorts notes or even a paragraph, as long as you get it down on paper. I believe that if it keeps stuck in your mind, it will disturb you when you're busy writing. it's like getting it out to make place for your first work, and saving it for the next opportunity.
  • Such feeling won't happen once, you could have done this, and a week later, it's back in your mind again with fresh ideas, just write it down and keep doing what should be done.
  • If you have lost complete interest in your first work ( it does happen ), don't destroy it! keep it in a safe place, and go the other idea you had. Finish it ( and i hope for you it will get published ) so when you're done, you can always go back to your first story.

Personally, i try to make use of this technic as much as i can, because afterwards, i have the feeling that if i get stuck between ideas, it will take a certain form of procrastination.
If you have other tips to share, feel free to do it in the comments to discuss the topic.

I wish you a nice evening and a good start for the new week!

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