Fail many times, but always get up

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

It's something i repeat a lot to myself and i wanted you to hear it too.
It can be directed to a student, an artist, someone with a dream

I've seen people lose faith in themselves, some become mute, others go way too far, to a point that it shocks me.
Think of this when you fall : i'll get up!
Everyone has failed in something at least once in his life before succeeding in it.
Before creating or working something, you go through a draft, make mistakes,...don't erase them! but learn from them to make a better step.

If you fail in an exam, a project, something you've worked hard for, it's ok to sit down and cry, it's ok to need to be alone, but please afterwards get up, even alone, heal your wounds, harden your heart, learn from your mistakes, cherish what you won and try again, everytime, try, until you get what you want!
Don't see it as an end, nor as a closed door; see it as a wall you can break, or an obstacle you can jump over!
No one succeeded the first time, we all walk in an unknown path, but we try to walk, go on to change, to evolve, it's much better than sit and wait for a change, it won't happen. you would be amazed to see what you can discover by always getting up, even if you fail many times. What is important is what you learned from falling.

the key is "patience" and to "rise again" everytime.

Just like a flower needs time and work to bloom, you have to be patient and do your best to succeed!
Never consider the end, there is nothing beyond that phase, but something will change if you get up, walk and try again.

If you feel alone while getting up, get up anyway, and walk! somewhere, someday you will find people guiding you, holding you, supporting you to keep going on.

you can make if you try, get up, dry your tears, breathe, smile and go for it!

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  1. Thank you! Your writing encouraged me very.


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