Friday, 19 July 2013

world of our own
" How do you see it? "

I wonder if we can put into words our world of imagination.
Each has it somewhere, the key is to keep it alive so it
never dissapears in oblivion.
This illustration is to me a great example of how we see it.
it's colourful, bright and dark, and we're in the middle of it,
looking, listening, breathing it.

When do you enter this secret place that only you can see?

It can happen when you wish to go in there to look for a missing piece to something you're writing, or you're adding something to your little world, and let it mix inside to show up differently later. but the best way is to fall there suddenly, and see so much that it overwhelms you.
Personally, when i get an idea, i feel so excited because i want to know more and want to write already. I can sit in a corner and lay still, watching the story developping, enjoying it, twisting it
a bit when i feel like changing something.
I think it's really a fun moment to experience, and it's a good way to escape the little stress of our daily life.
You can see all kinds of things, it's a bit like children when they imagine they are pirates, or are afraid in the dark because they believe there's a monster under the bed.

How do you see your world of imagination?

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