The Rock'N'Roll Diaries

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

I just finished reading  the "Rock'n'Roll Diaries".
Once i started, it was difficult for me to stop because it reminded me a lot of my adolescence.
The story is brilliant, or as the characters would say: "bloody brilliant"!

When you read the book, you sympathize with the characters, if your older than them, you'll probably see little you while reading.

The RockAteers is a band of four young teenagers, with different life styles, different education, different personalities, who decide to become the best rock band in the history. It looks like a mission impossible at first thought but it's like the magic of music can bring them together.
Not only is it about music but also about the daily life of teenagers who have to fight through the unpleasant period between childhood and adults, i believe each of us will recognize themselves in these four characters.

I find the writing quite realistic, either from the band or from the record label; which is a bit obvious considering the fact that Jamie Scallion is a performer and has toured in a band; he wrote the story while he was on the road. There are funny parts that will make you laugh, some sad parts and basically, we get to know the feelings of each characters because they hold a private diary.
The language is close to what i would describe as: teenage street language. There is some swearing but i believe it's part of a teen's life.

But to be clear, it's a great story! and I do enjoy rock bands and concerts, so this universe isn't very blurry to me.

Either they will succeed and make this a dream come true, or they will kill each other on the road.
It's a great gift for youngsters from 15 to higher!

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