First steps in France

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The reason why i hadn't posted anything lately was because i was  far from the city and actually, being away from it was a great idea. I spent an amazing week in France in Salernes, surrounded by forests, lakes, and all of natures beauty ( including the frightening spiders).

i felt so inspired there, it was difficult to resist the urge of writing for hours, considering that even without being inspired i kept writing on my little notepad.

i did a lot of walking, climbing, exploring, learning. The few drawbacks were mostly the heath and the rudeness of some youth when they talk to each other. i find french to be a great language, especially old French from the aristocrats.

i also went to Toulon to see a great friend. She is like a sister to me, so you can imagine my joy when we finally met after writing to each other for years, i wasn't dissapointed and i'm looking forward to see her next time again.

As we walked down the streets, i saw a theatre and kept looking at it. Such a shame there wasn't any play to see.
it's really beautiful, i wish i could have entered there to see the stage.
But many places inspired me there, whether it was the forest or the architecture of some buildings, i found most of these places absolutely beautiful. If you have the opportunity, go and see!

During my walks in the forest, i saw some caves, some were frightening, i actually named one : Voldemort's cave. i tried to approach but felt a cold breeze, and decided that it was better to leave the mystery. i wasn't ready to greet a bear or a wolf or what could live there..
Still, learning about their culture, discovering the beauty of those cities and climbing to the top of the forest was very exciting, i felt like an adventurer, which only increased the inspiration. I hope to travel back there when i can, and spent more time.

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