Edit & Let go ( yes do it! )

Saturday, 21 September 2013

 Hello everyone, how is it going?

As i had posted previously, I'm still on sabbatical regarding blog posting, but i wanted to share with you something I'm experiencing with editing.
In my previous post, I had explained that editing was one of the most important parts of writing your novel, but i should add now that it can be a frustrating experience.

Here are some tips I gathered from personal experience to get through it:

1. Make your decision: time to edit! So you'll have to work on it on a level of 100%.

2. Avoid at all cost ( really try) Procrastination! It distracts you from writing, you loose interest in the editing, and know that you'll never finish at this rate ( including facebook, twitter, youtube, ... ) You can send short updates about your activity, but avoid looking around, and wasting hours on it.

3. Try to find the right atmosphere to write/edit your novel . For example, I listen to music that sometimes gives me ideas.

4. Keep editing! Do it well and despite how infuriating it can be sometimes, think of the end result: a good book!

5. Read your story out loud to yourself in your room, to see how it feels and at the same time correct any mistake ( grammar, wrong name, missed word, punctuation....) Believe me, it may sound silly, but it's really effective! Because it's your story and you know every single detail of it, yet you sometimes accidentally skip some mistakes, which will lower the quality of your work, so please don't neglect this option!

6. Finally, and as i mentioned on the title: "Let go!" I noticed that sometimes I began to doubt about a certain paragraph, or scene, so I went back to it and read it again, and think and forget the rest. There comes a time when you have to let go, don't be so hard on yourself, trust your work and let go! Finish your book and let it go, otherwise it will never be red by anyone else other than you.

So i hope this will help writers who are also like me in the editing process. Let's do our best!
See you!

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