Belgium, chocolate and fries?

Saturday, 12 April 2014

famous Manneke Pies statue

Although it was a short stay I tried to discover as much as I could in the lovely country of Belgium.
I felt partly at home since it resembles my mother land Holland.
I arrived in Hasselt and had during an afternoon some time to look a bit around.
Hasselt is a small city known for its good taste in food and clothing.
Of course most of the time, when you say Belgium you think of good fries and chocolate ( really delicious indeed )but that's not all of course.

It also has its own dialect, which reminds me a lot of old dutch language and beholds one of the oldest drugstores in Europe ( As you can see in the picture below ), it has been of course rebuilt to make sure it doesn't fall apart but it's astonishing to see it.

Also Hasselt has a tight bond with a japanese town called Itami ( its sister town). A garden has been instaured not far from my hotel. Unfortunately, i lacked time to see it ( maybe next time ).

Oldest drugstore in europe in Hasselt
Moving on to Brussels, i only spent a few hours there, but enough to know that there's a lot to be discovered. I think it's where most of the youth likes to hang around with all the shopping malls, restaurants and markets. Oh the architecture there! i didn't know where to start looking. It would be a perfect place to film a movie from the victorian era.
At La Grande Place, i could see how it was crowded with people, especially with tourists. There were various performances that evening to entertain us, but I ended up going to the Hard Rock CafĂ©.

For those who are unfamiliar with this place, if you enjoy old bands from the 80's such as the beegees, Michael Jackson, Georges Michael, Kiss, etc... I believe you will love stopping there for a drink or dinner.
It is originally a restaurant from London, that due to its popularity has been instated in several big cities including: Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris,...
Most of the decor is all that is related to rock music, including signed items from various artists for donation: Bon Jovi guitar, Sheet of a song from Sid Vicious, Queen,..
In other words, it has become one of my favourite places to hang out. I'm looking forward to see the one in Paris & London.
I noticed in Brussels that basically they spoke two languages: French & Dutch (flemmish to be precise) & also English. So if you're able to handle with one these languages i think you'll be fine there. It was kind of funny to switch languages everytime with a different person.
I'm not a huge chocolate fan ( i do like it ) but it is true that belgian chocolate has a certain particular taste that makes it special, the chocolate stores made it all hard to resist buying a box.

To summarize this short trip, I had a great time there. I'd love to go back again to see more with some friends.

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