How to deal with rejection

Friday, 25 April 2014

Have a tissue for starters!

You've been working for ages on that novel, you feel like you have grown old because of it, and after it was finished, you sent it with great hope to an agent only to be welcomed by a negative answer: REJECTED!

Now, before you head for a mental breakdown, have a seat, and read what i would like to share with you.

It's a barrier, not the end of the road!
Why was it rejected?
Was it the plot? Your writing? Your spelling?
There are many reasons, but whatever it might be, don't let it stop you!

Please take in consideration the following notes:

-An agent has more than one submission a day, we are not the only one who long to get published. If you are rejected it could be that your plot didn't suit the agents' taste. You can't force him to like your project the way you do. Put yourself in his shoes, and imagine yourself with a project containing a theme you don't like or aren't too comfortable with it. Even though you will give it your time, you will not be 100% efficient. It is the same for an agent who receives a submission. If he is able to see that combining your potential and his passion for the subject, he will be willing to give your book a chance.

-Agents answer differently. Each of them is different. Some will kindly reject you, others will give you tips or sometimes make a fool out of your work. For the latter, don't let it harm you ( it's not easy i agree!). Try to distract that bad feeling and consider reading your story again, see what you can develop, read, take a few days off and go on Holiday, it might change your ideas and allow you to update your story in a way that you didn't expect from yourself.

-Always believe in yourself, believe in what you write.  Again, rejection isn't the end. All writers have stumbled on it, several times possibly, but what led them to be heard was perseverance, learning from mistakes, patience and going on. Keep writing, reading and learning, no matter how many times you face that barrier, destroy it and move on.
-Even writers such as J.K Rowling have failed various times before getting published. So why not you? You don't know? Well try! Show them what you can write.

-Never get cross or start swearing to an agent for refusing your submission, no matter how frustrating the rejection can be. It will lead you to nothing except a bad image of yourself as a writer and a headache. Remember you aren't the only one, and you have to meet an agent that will have a similar view of your novel as yours.

-It's OK to be disappointed at first, it's not easy to have an important work rejected, but don't doubt your work, and instead of shoving it in a corner to oblivion, keep it next to you, and see what you can improve, what you can learn and keep writing.

I hope i have somehow helped you out with this subject and wish you all the best in getting your work published!! Ready, set, go!

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