Spain: Ola Estepona, Marbella!

Friday, 22 July 2016

Dear bloggies,

How is everyone doing?

What a week!

I came back from a lovely and warm vacation in Spain.
I stayed in Estepona, visited the city, and Marbella as well.

Both of these cities display a true summer vacation atmosphere. Marbella is more touristic I supposed, especially with their huge mall called : La Canada, 200 stores including a cinema, restaurants and of course shopping. It was so huge, with my short size, I would have needed a map to not get lost.

We had a lovely appartment with a large terrace, where we would have breakfast and during the evening a fresh drink while reading a book. It felt great to not be obliged to do anything and just lay down, enjoy the grass, the sun, the slight wind brushing past you and listening to the sound of nature.

One of our daily routine was to walk to the beach, which was 5minutes from our house.
There were nice restaurants offering acoustic shows every evening and a diverse menu for all tastes.
I took an mixed salad entry but was quite surprised by the amount ( I shared it with my mother in the end to not waste it).

For the days I spent there, I truly felt this sensation of a relaxed vacation, and found spanish people to be very alive, and enjoying every nice day that was offered to them; never letting a chance to have fun pass by.
Driving to Estepona or Marbella was 15minutes away, and I found it intriguing to see how irregular the roads were. What I mean by that is, since both cities are quite close to the mountains, the roads have odd angles going up and down.
We went for a sweet carriage ride through the city of Estepona before walking to the historical place where you can find several souvenirs shops, bars, restaurants and explore the streets of typical old spanish houses, with a river of flowers tangling from the balcony.

It felt like going a century back, seriously some houses were over 100years old, it was a beautiful sight!

These cities will certainly remain on my vacation list for next time!

Hopefully you're enjoying the summer as well, and if you've been in Estepona or Marbella, don't hesitate to drop a comment about your experience, or maybe places I could check nex time!

See you soon!

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