the king's speech

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Have you seen the movie " The King's speech"?
I had watched it during filming classes where we had to analyze the movie. Based on a true story, the Duke of York is confronted with the idea that he might succeed to the throne instead of his elder brother.
He suffers however of stuttering, which causes a huge block to his status as the future king of England.
His father will have none of it and brings the best doctors to assist him, yet all of them fail to find the remedy to stop the stuttering permanently.
It is an interesting story, that brings to the light a well hidden secret from the royal family. During the movie, I acknowledged the pressure of protocols ( how a duke comes to address a doctor, and how little girls would speak to their father differently the moment the latter becomes king), the weight of responsability that rests on the man's shoulders for his country against an immenent war that is about to open fire: World War II.
In those moments, I saw how a high status demanded sacrifices and how crushing it felt towards a man who felt vulnerable.

This movie is quiet special because in the end it has a strong message : we can be anyone we want if we choose to believe, and even that the impossible is non existent if we choose to keep moving on.

Among the actors, we have a great cast composed of : Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter, Geoffrey Rush and  Michael Gambon .

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  1. je reconnais Bellatrix :)))

  2. Un film psicologique, avec des acteurs connus et bons.


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