Chapter 27

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Any Beatles fan among my readers?

Many have probably known that John Lennon had been killed by a fan outside his appartment in New York.
This event has been filmed and broadcasted with the title : Chapter 27.
The movie is narrated by none other than the killer himself, Mark Chapman.
It begins with his arrival in New York from Hawaii and his search for John Lennon's appartment and anything related to the Beatles.

Mark Chapman is a die hard John Lennon fan. The purpose of his travel was initially to have an autograph from his favourite artist.

I found the movie quite intriguing and during some scenes suffocating. Mark Chapman, played by Jared Leto from 30seconds to mars, had during some scenes a creepy look in his eyes. He seemed to be very calm, yet at some point, he gives you this odd feeling that he might snap suddenly and throw a tantrum.

Alongside Jared Leto was Lindsey Lohan who played a huge John Lennon fan, who was acompanied by a friend in the hope to meet the artist at his hotel appartment. During their wait, she met Mark Chapman with whom she had a few conversations during his stay.

The character appears to be a confused man, lost in a sea of thoughts and deeply ( if not sickly ) obsessed with a person, forgetting eventually that the man he worships so much is merely human. I believe that when it finally struck him, it triggered the huge frustration, jealousy and anger that had been building up inside him for such a long time.

The entire analysis, the characters' thoughts, the sound of his voice and the look in his eyes gave me goosebumps especially until the shocking moment when John Lennon was shot. It is sad that such tragedy occured, blood spilled for nothing.

I was impressed by Jared Leto's acting, I believe it was the first time I had seen him. His transition to Mark Chapman is almost shocking. Of course, the make up artists deserve an applause for getting as close as possible to the real person. In some shots, Jared and Mark almost looked like twins.

Although I enjoyed the movie, personally it is not something I would watch again to spend an afternoon with friends. In the end, I found it a sad story. Rest in peace John, he will be remembered as a peaceful man and artist.

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  1. j'ai jamais vu mais mon père aimait bien les Beatles. Peut-être qu'il sera intéressé. Joli blog en tout cas :D


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