The woman in black

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

I have recently watched the movie "the woman in black". Horror movies are not my primary choices but I was curious to see Daniel Radcliffe perform a different character other than Harry Potter.
Frankly, I had not expected to be that much startled. I wouldn't call it frightening but it did give me goosebumps at some point or made me jump suddenly.
The story is however interesting. It starts in such a soft manner, yet the soundtrack had me suspicious about something that was about to occur. During the first minutes, it seems so innocent and peaceful until you are hit with a tragedy which gives the entry to the story of the woman in black.

Arthur Kipps, recent widower is sent to a village in order to sort out the paperwork of a recent deceased person that lived in reclusion from all villagers. The mansion is abandoned and left in a grusome state.
Inside that mansion is where a secret has been keeping the villagers away. None dares to even consider approaching it, for fear of being cursed by the dark figure that looms in the forsaken mansion.

In an attempt to unveil the story behind those walls, Arthur will either be swallowed by darkness or, if he keeps his sanity intact, he will flee this place as soon as he finishes his mission.

The combination of shadows, soundtrack and the game of surprise is what keeps the viewer on the look out for any sudden fright.

This was the first time I had seen Daniel Radcliffe outside Harry Potter. Although the train scene reminded me of Hogwarts, he has proven himself capable of stepping into another character with great performance.

Do feel free to comment your views about this movie :).

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